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Plaza Fidelity Card

17 November 2023

Plaza Fidelity Card is the new loyalty program that rewards you with discounts on all Plaza Hotel, Vyta Longevity and Lovivo Tour Experience services!

Plaza Hotel Fidelity Card is a customer loyalty tool created to reward our loyal guests. It is free of charge and offers only benefits.

Find out how to collect points, reach increasing levels and get discounts on lots of services.

Ask for your Fidelity Card at our Hotel Front Desk. It's free and immediately valid. Then buy any of our services and earn points!

Reach point thresholds and enjoy discount rewards at Plaza Hotel, Sensory Pool or at one of our partners Vyta Longevity Lifestyle and Lovivo Tour Experience. The more points you earn, the more discounts you get!

Finding time for yourself and pampering yourself, you know, is not always easy, and when you have finally managed to devote a few days or just a few hours away from the daily routine, here it is all over in the blink of an eye.

This happens when we spend some intense and pleasant moments. And those who have been our guests know what we are talking about.

Plaza Fidelity Card, our new loyalty program, was indeed born from our strong desire to prolong as much as possible the moments of well-being of our regular and most loyal customers.

Here's how it works. It's very simple.

The first thing you have to do is apply for your Plaza Fidelity Card.

You can do this directly with our staff when you go to the Hotel or the Sensory Pool

Earn points every time you purchase one of our services:

• stay at Plaza Hotel (only if booked directly with us or on our website; bookings made through all other non-direct channels are excluded);
• any treatment, massage or ritual at our Wellness Center (excluding treatments with  local health authorities and not already included in your stay);
• a beauty product from our Wellness Center;
• one daily or evening access to the Sensory Pool (that is not already included in your stay);
• one dinner or any meal at one of our catering points (lunches and dinners included in Half Board and Full Board are already part of your stay bill)

All you have to do is show your Plaza Fidelity Card at the time of payment and you will automatically be credited with 1 electronic loyalty point for every Euro spent.

Once you reach the point thresholds you can apply for and redeem your reward.

The corresponding discount voucher will be deducted from the point balance. Your purchase must be equal to or higher than the value of the requested Discount Voucher. No money will be redeemed under any circumstances.

The discount voucher will be redeemable after 7 days for services offered by Plaza Hotel Abano Terme.

Specifically, the vouchers are valid for:

Plaza Hotel
• All services and beauty products at our Wellness Center (excluding treatments with local health authorities)
• Lunches, dinners and other meals (that are not already included as Half Board and Full Board) at our catering points.
• All types of access to the Sensory Pool (that are not already included in your stay)
• Purchase of our Gift Boxes
• They CANNOT be used on the cost of overnight stays, lunches and dinners included in Half Board and Full Board.

Lovivo Tour Experience  - All services offered.

Vyta Longevity Lifestyle - All services offered, including DNA testing and cosmetics. Medical examinations are excluded.

The loyalty program ends on 30/11/2024; rewards may be collected within three months of the end of the loyalty program (expiry date of the same) and must be spent within six months of the date of issue. Rewards may not be transferred to third parties and must be spent by the customer who has earned them.


Download full regulations