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Water and Thermal Muds

Natural methods to improve your quality of life

We want you to discover the benefits of our natural thermal spa resources, known for their great therapeutic effectiveness since Roman times.

Thermal spa water

The thermal spa water that flows naturally at Plaza Hotel from two springs comes from the uncontaminated basins of the pre-alps at an altitude of 2000 m. It flows underground for about 80 km to a depth of 3000 meters to reach the subsoil of the Euganee Thermal Spas.

On this journey, which takes about 30 years, the water reaches temperatures of 200°C, to then cool as it resurfaces and emerge at 87°C, enriched by mineral salts that give it its therapeutic effectiveness (sodium, potassium, magnesium, iodine, bromine and silicon). For this reason, the water is classified from the chemical point of view as hyperthermal salt-bromine-iodine water and is used for pools, balneotherapy, inhalation treatments and for the thermal mud maturation process.

Muds and thermal baths

Mud bath therapy is suitable for the cure and prevention of rheumatic and arthritic diseases. The preventive and therapeutic effects, in addition to the improvement of general health, are proven by the scientific studies of the Centro Studi Pietro d'Abano: a cycle of mud is ideal to combat joint pain, the after-effects of fractures, sprains and dislocations, and rheumatic diseases. The mud is also an efficient prevention and also boosts physical and mental well-being thanks to its muscle relaxing action.

The mud gains its therapeutic characteristics after a period of "maturation" that lasts 50-60 days, during which it remains inside special tanks in contact with flowing thermal water that permeates it at a temperature of about 60° C. Thanks to the thermal water and to sunlight, the mud develops microorganisms (cyanobacteria and microalgae) that enrich it with precious active ingredients. These substances have a high-level anti-inflammatory activity without causing side effects, even after repeated treatments: it is for this reason the mud acts better than cortisone. The anti-inflammatory efficiency of our thermal mud was recognized in 2010 in Italy and in Europe in 2013, with a Patent that classifies it as a natural medicine.

Therapeutic uses for muds and thermal baths:

• Osteoarthritis, arthritis
• Myalgia and muscle contractions
• Rheumatism and joint pain
• After-effects of fractures, sprains and dislocations
• Osteoporosis

Inhalation treatments

Inhalation and nebulizer treatments with the thermal spa water from Abano Terme are an excellent natural remedy against seasonal ills (coughs, sore throats, and colds), but they are also scientifically recognized as a treatment and prevention for respiratory diseases caused by an increasingly polluted and smog-filled environment.

The inhalation treatments have many therapeutic benefits:

• Antiseptic action
• Stimulation of the cilia
• Fluidification of the secretions
• Normalization of respiratory tract mucus

Therapeutic uses for inhalation treatments:

• Rhinitis and sinusitis
• Pharyngitis and laryngitis
• Bronchitis