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Hydrothermal Treatment

The healing power of natural elements

For the wellbeing of the whole body: the treasure of Abano Terme is its thermal mud, a "living" resource, an ancient medicine that is non-invasive and without side effects. You will immediately feel the benefits of water and mud, the only mud with a Controlled Designation of Origin (D.O.C.) and effectively guaranteed by a European Patent.
The thermal spa water path lasts about 30 years. It rises from the unpolluted basins of the Pre-Alps, at about 2,000 meters above sea level, and runs for over 80 km underground, reaching a depth of 3,000 meters at times. And finally, it surfaces at the splendid Terme Euganee.
It reaches temperatures of 200°C, then cools when it rises towards the ground and flows out at 87°C; it is enriched with mineral salts that grant it its therapeutic effects.

Discover it, experience it.

The uniqueness of the Abano and Montegrotto thermal spa lies, first of all, in the thermal mud. The preventive and therapeutic effects, as well as the improvement to the general health, are proven by scientific studies performed by the Centro Studi Pietro d'Abano.

Thermal mud

A wonderful natural medicine

The Euganean Thermal Mud D.O.C. is a wonderful natural medicine that has no equal in the world, both for its properties and for the beneficial effects it has on the human body. It has a powerful anti-inflammatory power, so much so that it is considered a natural cortisone.

Inhalation treatments

Breathing well

It is the first step towards a healthy lifestyle: excellent remedies to heal and prevent respiratory disease and seasonal illnesses are inhalation and aerosol treatments with the Thermal Spa Water of Abano Terme. Our Scientific Committee has created complete programs of pulmonary respiratory rehabilitation and our doctors who specialize in Pulmonology are available for consultations and check-ups.

Hydrokinetic therapy

Complete rehabilitation programs

Thermal water is used for functional rehabilitation: it is a gentle method to reduce joint stiffness, relax muscles and improve circulation. Our Scientific Committee has created complete programs for physical and functional rehabilitation and our doctors who specialize in physiotherapy and orthopedics are available for consultations and check-ups.

Physio - tub

For rehabilitation in thermal spa water

This is an environment designed and created specifically to reactivate motor and vascular mobility.
It acts as a support to our Hydrokinetic therapy and treatments for the functional recovery of the musculoskeletal apparatus as well as pre- and post-surgery motor rehabilitation and vascular rehabilitation for patients suffering from arthritis and phlebitis.
Thanks to its glass walls, our operators constantly supervise and monitor the patients guiding and correcting them where necessary.
The water is at 33°C and the environment is separate, thus allowing the enjoyment of privacy.

Our Spa Packages

We take care of your health through therapeutic programs in our facility with the support of specialized staff.
Arrival on Sunday is recommended

Program without Health Authority prescription.

• Price for 6 nights/6 treatments: starting from € 793.00* per person
• Price for 13 nights/12 treatments: starting from € 1530.00* per person

Services included

  • Half board stay

  • Plaza or Contemporary double room

  • Plaza or Contemporary double room for single use: + €20 per day

  • All services included in the price

  • First medical exam

  • 6 or 12 mud baths and thermal baths

  • 6 or 12 therapeutic massages lasting 25 minutes each

  • * Prices may change depending on season and room type.
    Tourist tax is charged separately.

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